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How To Choose Thermometer For Baby

Utility. Children grow really fast, so it's better to buy a multi-use thermometer. You can use it underarm or rectum. Also, choose a thermometer with a flexible tip. It's much easier to use. And it provides a greater comfort for your baby.

Storage. Buy a thermometer with a case for hygienic storage. It may extend the service life of the thermometer.

Measurement. Modern digital thermometers have an opportunity to choose from different measuring systems. So, you can choose either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Large Screen. The big display helps to read the temperature quickly.  It's also great for grandparents to use.

Warning Indicator. Some digital thermometers change color to warn about too high or too low temperature.

Note: If you have a universal digital thermometer, use it for just one area (rectal or underarm) to avoid bacteria spread. Also, don't take a temperature after a bath, because warm water can raise body temperature.


Baby's fingernails grow so fast, so you may have to cut them even several times a week. That's why you need to buy a good baby manicure set. Of course, baby's nails are soft, but they are still sharp. The baby can scratch his own face.

  • The best time to trim baby's nails is while he/she is sleeping. Also, you can do it right after the bath while the nails are the softest.

  • Use only special baby scissors or clippers.

  • Always press the finger pad away from the nail to avoid injuries.

  • Cut fingernails along the curve of the baby's fingers.

  • But cut toenails straight across.

  • Also, you can use an emery board to smooth out rough edges.

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