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About Natural Amber Jewellery

Because amber has many healing characteristics it is used in many cultures for treatment. In Europe, a lof people wear natural amber jewellery for teething. Also, it can calm your child without any drugs or pills.

Baltic amber is the perfect natural antibiotic. Amber stone produces a positive effect on the kidneys heart and nervous system.

At Kid Stuff Station you can find not only Baltic amber beads but also hazelwood-amber necklaces. Hazelwood materials are from Quebec, Canada. They are all natural and eco-friendly. Furthermore, hazelwood helps with eczema, nausea, migraines, and arthritis. With the course of time, wooden elements of beads will become darker because of acidity absorbing. This is normal.

Keep amber and hazelwood beads away from soap or shampoo. But you can wet the necklace with water. Your body will absorb properties of the hazelwood much faster. 


Age Length
0 - 6 Months 10" to 11"
5 - 24 Months 11" to 12"
10 Months - 4 Years 12" to 13"
5 Years And Above 14" to 15"
Adult 17" to 22"
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